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Four-Bag Multi-Pack Medley

Why choose when you can try all four of our mouth watering craftsman recipes!

Sale price$27.99 Regular price$31.96
Four-Bag Multi-Pack Medley
Four-Bag Multi-Pack Medley Sale price$27.99 Regular price$31.96

See for Yourself

The Baron's premium biltong is naturally cured in vinegar and seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, and Mother Nature's Spices. All of our ingredients can probably be found in your pantry as we never add any obscure chemicals, artificial additives, MSG, sugar, gluten, or artificial nitrates to our biltong. Don't take our word for it, check out our nutrition label and see for yourself!

You heard that right

The Baron's Biltong contains up to 45% more beef per oz than other jerky. If not meat, then what are these biltong wannabes adding to their product, you ask? Artificial preservatives, sugar, bulking agents and other JUNK! Get more goodness and cut the chemicals with Biltong Baron.

Can't beat the baron

Ounce for ounce, our product has no sugar, no carbs, a whopping 32g of protein and only 160 calories. And we accomplish all this using a mere five-ingredients — the Baron's Biltong simply can't be beat!

Testimony from the Pride