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Biltong Baron


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We're the craft beer of meat snacks. But with a way cooler mascot.

Perfect for Keto, Paleo, or Whatevero


Biltong is natural fit for a Keto diet with ZERO carbs and ZERO sugars. We don’t have to be sneaky with the math to explain why the abundance of carbs in that "keto" bar is actually 0g of “Net Carbs,” Biltong Baron is straight-up NO CARBS, PERIOD. Beef is beef and we only add vinegar, salt and natural spices to make it delicious.  Not to mention, with 32G of pure protein in a single 2-ounce bag, it helps regulate hunger while maintaining ketosis to help you get the most out of your diet without a grumbling stomach. Biltong Baron is also easily packable to help you stick to your diet without your busy lifestyle getting in the way.

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If you can't tell that it's beef, it's probably not biltong

Testimony from the Pride

"Super flavorful, nice and tender. Absolutely love this stuff. Will definitely be ordering more!"

-Kevin (one with clearly immaculate taste)

"I thought that I liked beef jerky until I found biltong baron and I discovered my true love…biltong... If you’ve been on the fence about trying this product- try it TODAY"

- Jacob (who is absolutely not a paid spokesman, we swear)

"So nice to find a good sugar free jerky. This is legit!"

- Jared (an individual of fine discernment)

"Tastes great and it's mostly protein. Other jerky has sugar added for flavor and many times has more carbohydrates than protein."

- Adam (of refined judgement)

"I have made my own biltong for years and this is as close to authentic South African biltong as I have found. Well done."

- A Fan of the Baron

Pity the poor b*stard who snacks on rice cakes