Gloves off. Instead of making better jerky, we made something so much better than jerky.

Sure, we could be more eloquent when we refer to our far distant cousin in the vast market of meat snacks. I'm sure the makers of artisanal Italian prosciutto feel about the same when someone compares their beloved product to a hot dog.

Any less processed and it would still say "moo."

Our motto: bypass the byproducts. Take a moment to compare our nutrition label to any jerky brand. You'll find that we're purists and if we can't pronounce an ingredient ourselves as producers of craftsman steak snacks, how could we expect you to?

Biltong is made from USDA steak, sea salt, vinegar and natural spice blends using things like smoked paprika, black pepper, chipotle chili and you get the idea. THAT IS IT.  

We leave out the sugar, artificial additives and preservatives because unlike jerky, our product can stand on its own.  

You should feel like you're eating actual steak bites because that is exactly what you're putting into your mouth.


Perfect for Keto, Paleo or Whatever-o.

We don't have a bunch of food science nerdballs in a test kitchen trying to figure out how to make a quality product without adding things like sugar laden teriyaki goop or fake smoke flavorings.

Our biltong is naturally ideal for any high-protein, low carb, no sugar lifestyle. It's gluten-free and nitrate-free without even trying to be.  

Listen, we hate to sound unsympathetic - our hearts go out to that guy, somewhere pouring an 80-pound bag of sodium nitrate into a vat of meat parts, producing a mediocre "meat stick" while shedding an overly salty tear.  We feel for him.  We do.

Biltong is Naturally Off the Hook.  Quite literally.

Biltong is a heritage product originally from South Africa. If you visit, say, Cape Town and you can't find biltong in a store, at a stand, at the airport, at a restaurant, at a bar...then we're very sorry to say you must be the least resourceful, most unaware individual on the planet.

Like Italians and their magnificent prosciutto, great pride goes into producing this product and in a similar fashion, it's made in state-of-the-art air drying chambers, hooks and all, which is an extremely different method than how jerky is made.

It means we can keep the integrity of the beef in tact, maintain the optimal moisture level in each bite, and produce a product that is USDA-inspected and certified while also staying true to this idea of purity.  

Quality ingredients, simple ingredients, simple craftsman techniques. 

Bold Flavors are our Gig.

True, great American steak stands on its own.  It needs nothing other than seasonings to bring out natural flavor. 

That's where we go bananas - our biltong recipes feature bold flavors, not wimpy hints of flavor, and all we use to accomplish this is salt and Mother Nature's plethora of totally natural spices. 

Cowboys 'N Campfires, our best selling little darlin', features imported smoked Spanish paprika.  It gives it a natural smoky goodness that reminds you of...well, yeah, a bunch of cowboys sittin' around a campfire under the Texas stars.

Not Jerky, Biltong

Biltong is naturally ideal for low-carb living. 

If you're following a Keto or Paleo diet, you can check all the boxes with a bag of biltong.  And check out this adorable little fella:

Baby Baron


Not to get too technical, but it's also NOT made like jerky.

If you want to meet our Founder, Kieran, you can watch him rant and rave about how biltong is made.  Check out his video:


Not a video person?  We came up with this nifty infographic on how biltong is produced:

Biltong 101

In summary, we hope you give biltong a fair shake.  Because once you try it, you'll never look at jerky the same way again.  We have a special deal on our 4-bag Variety Pack - it's the best way to try all four craftsman recipes.  Shop the variety pack now!


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