Cowboys 'N Campfires: Smoky Chili (Single Bag)


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Cowboys 'N Campfires: Smoky Chili (without the heat!)

Get your boots and saddles ready because this recipe will make you feel like you're kickin' back on a ranch in the Southwest with the BBQ pit all fired up, ice cold brew in hand. Featuring mild Smoked Spanish Paprika, imported from Spain, sweet peppers have been slow-smoked over oakwood and finely ground to add a seductive depth that no other spice can replicate. If you want to show off, call it Pimenton Dulce Ahumado and watch the others swoon at your culinary language skills.

Unlike our Fire in the Hole recipe, this is a non-spicy blend that packs flavor without the heat that some chilis bring to the table. By using premium air-dried steak seasoned naturally with sea salt, black pepper and Mother Nature's spices, we're keeping it simple while still delivering a delectable protein-rich snack that’s entirely void of junk. All of our products are Keto and Paleo diet friendly and each bag packs 32G of protein with <1g carbs and ZERO sugar. 

All the Goodness:

Top Round Steak
Sea Salt
Smoked Spanish Paprika 
Black Peppercorn

Without the Rubbish:
No Artificial Additives
No Nitrates
No Sugar
No Gluten