Fire in the Hole: Spicy Cayenne (3-Pack Bundle)


Fire in the Hole
Hotter than Hades, our Fire in the Hole recipe will set you free. Featuring a generous dose of cayenne pepper, this flavor is not for the faint hearted. Cayenne is known to have metabolism-boosting properties. Granted, it's also known to clear your sinuses and put some sweat on your brow. By adding serious heat to our Signature Recipe, this is a classic biltong that highlights the flavors of premium air-dried steak while packing quite the punch. Like all of our recipes, we’re able to keep it simple while still delivering a delectable protein-rich snack that’s entirely void of junk. All of our products are Keto and Paleo diet friendly and each bag packs 32G of protein with <1g carbs and ZERO sugar. 

All the Goodness:

Top Round Steak
Red Wine Vinegar
Sea Salt
SPICY Cayenne Chili 
Black Peppercorn

Without the Rubbish:
No Artificial Additives
No Nitrates
No Sugar
No Gluten