We wanted to share our top 5 favorite family recipes for the weekend and wish you sunshine and good health.  Take 20% off all orders with Discount Code MEMORIAL20.

We think watermelon margaritas are perfectly refreshing and this happens to be our favorite recipe here.  Tip: add sliced fresh jalapenos if you can take the heat.

Speaking of jalapenos, we love pretty much everything The Pioneer Woman whips up.  Stuff those suckers and throw them on the grill for the perfect appetizer or side kick to a perfectly cooked steak.  Get the recipe here.

Back when we lived in Texas, we'd hit Hillstone's for the most spectacular Hawaiian Ribeye.  The secret is in the marinade and it's best if you leave the steaks in the marinade for at least 24 hours...so get on it!  You can find this recipe here.

Need a colorful side dish?  We love the sweet-tang relationship between fresh tomatoes and corn.  This recipe is our favorite of all time.

And to finish this all off for the sweet tooth in each of us, we're big fans of carrying on the pineapple theme with a simple recipe we don't even need to provide a link to.  Slice a fresh pineapple into thick-ish rings, grill until they caramelize and serve on a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

From our family to yours, wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

The Biltong Baron Team



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