NOW IN STOCK: Cowboys 'N Campfires! And how dreamy is this guy!?

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest baby biltong, Cowboys 'N Campfires.  Welcome to the family, little darlin'. 

Inspired by the smoky aroma of a good old fashioned outdoor campfire, this recipe features smoked Spanish paprika to add a non-spicy Southwestern flair.  We spent the longest amount of time on this recipe in our Flavor Lab, trying to get it just right; the flavor impact of each and every bite.  This is, perhaps, our favorite yet...dare we say it, playing favorites and all.

We're in quarantine like the rest of the world so isn't it sensible that we scoured the world for cowboys and happened to have chosen this sultry fella with piercing blue eyes?  It was an important job, finding the right blue eyed bandit for this important product launch.  We may have looked at over one hundred cowboys in careful consideration of the right "image" to represent our brand. Exhausting work, this.  We chose this guy because he's got that smoldering gaze, just like our new biltong recipe - smoldering to its core.  He spoke to us.  He checked all of the boxes.  He was a slam dunk for a long list of professional brand-centric reasons.  

Not that we don't fully appreciate our dreamboat spouses during indefinite "stay at home" orders, because it sure is fun to spend twenty-four hours, seven days a week with your chosen life partner.  He no longer commutes into the city, you see.  He never has a business trip, like never, if you can imagine.  He's just here all the time, ever-present, fumbling about with his unshaven face, favorite pair of old sweatpants and a curious inability to ask unique questions anymore.  What's for lunch, we hear that one every day, followed by what's for dinner, every day, one day after the next, after the next.  Which day of the week are we on, he asks, as if we have a clue.  Are we going to clean up this mess, he gently inquires as we refrain from throwing pots and pans in his general vicinity.  In the midst of quarantine, the togetherness is quite special and we're thankful for a pantry stocked with biltong.  "Here is your dinner," we say some days, and we rest assured we're providing our loved ones with a wholesome, nutritious, convenient meal as we tear open a bag and dump it into a bowl. 

But no, our selection of this particular smoldering cowboy has nothing to do with quarantine.  It's most definitely due to how well he closely represents our new family member, Cowboys 'N Campfires, from a product profile perspective.  Those baby blues, the tilt of that hat, those ranch hand that a dimple we see, purely out of curiosity and attention to detail?  

Check it out.  It's some of the best biltong we've made.  We're besotted (with the biltong, of course, not the cowboy), and we're proud to say we may have put some of the best biltong in the market right out there for all to enjoy.

Oh, and use coupon code COWBOY20 for a 20% discount during quarantine.

Stay safe, friends.  We love you.

The Biltong Baroness

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